Organic farming, carefully done, can be efficient

Organic agriculture produces smaller harvests than conventional methods, but the difference can be minimized by employing the right techniques, a study finds. Organic agriculture generally comes at a cost of smaller harvests compared with conventional agriculture, but that gap can be narrowed with careful selection of crop type, growing conditions and management techniques, according a […]

Man creates forest single-handedly on Brahmaputra sand bar

A man in his mid-50s helped grow a huge forest on a sand bar in the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra in Assam’s Jorhat district, which has caught attention of the government, tourists and film-makers. The 30-year-long effort of Jadav Payeng, known among local people as ‘Mulai’, to grow the woods, stretching over an area […]

Beacon Hill Will Soon Boast the Biggest Public Food Forest in the Country

​Seven sloping acres at the southwest edge of Jefferson Park is being transformed into an edible landscape and community park that will be known at the Beacon Food Forest, the largest of its kind in the nation. For the better part of a century, the land has languished in the hands of Seattle Public Utilities. […]

Farmers Go Wild …The words “wild” and “farming” may seem at odds. In the last century, with the development of petroleum-based pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, farms were increasingly modeled on industry. “Fencerow to fencerow,” mono-crop farming emphasized high production and minimized the importance of biodiversity. Farmers ripped out vegetation, cut down forests, shot predators, and filled in […]

Paris fast becoming queen bee of the urban apiary world   By Hugh SchofieldBBC News, Paris A private honey store is now de rigueur for some top hotels and restaurants Tourists are not the only ones swarming down the Champs-Elysees and through the Luxembourg gardens this summer. Thanks to a renewed interest in apiaries, Paris is fast becoming the urban bee-keeping capital of the […]

2012: The Year of the Cooperative Jessica Reeder, News Analysis: What do coffee growers in Ethiopia, hardware store owners in America, and Basque entrepreneurs have in common? For one thing, many of them belong to cooperatives. By pooling their money and resources, and voting democratically on how those resources will be used, they can compete in business and reinvest the […]

Green walls create new urban jungles London (CNN) – Vertical gardens are cropping up all over cities these days, transforming drab urban facades into vibrant jungles of color. These lush expanses have found their way onto the walls — both inside and out — on numerous sites in recent years revitalizingpublic buildings, hotels, offices and even a multi-storey car park in Netherlands. Aside […]

Bali and the chocolate factory Sustainability in a bamboo cathedral CNN|Added on January 29, 2012CNN’s Anna Coren looks at the advantages of sustainable building materials and agricultural products. One of the world’s largest bamboo structures is home to an eco-friendly, fair trade cocoa facility.  (See link for video)

Street Farmer By ELIZABETH ROYTE Published: July 1, 2009 Will Allen, a farmer of Bunyonesque proportions, ascended a berm of wood chips and brewer’s mash and gently probed it with a pitchfork. “Look at this,” he said, pleased with the treasure he unearthed. A writhing mass of red worms dangled from his tines. He bent over, raked […]

For Farmers Everywhere, Small is (Still) Beautiful There is battle raging across the world over who can better feed its people: small-scale farmers practicing sustainable agriculture, or giant agribusinesses using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It was small-scale organic farmers growing rice for themselves and local markets in the Philippines who first convinced us that they could feed both their communities and their country. […]