Podcast 307 – “Palenque Entheobotany Seminars Remembered”

Guest speakers: Matt Pallamary, Wild Bill, & Bruce Damer

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Today’s program features, first of all, a conversation between Matt Pallamary and Wild Bill, who begin by reminiscing about the legendary Palenque Entheobotany Seminars, but who then go on to other wild tales, some of which may actually be true. After that is the first of our long-awaited Global Trialogues in which Bruce Damer answers a question from a young man in Australia.

Books by Eckhart Tolle

Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012
A workshop at Esalen Institute led by Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty
Weekend of June 15-17, 2012

Global Trialogue No. 1 . . . On Facebook

The “October Gallery” talk by Bruce Damer (MP3 files)
Part 1
Part 2

A Basic Theory of Neuropsychoanalysis by W. M. Bernstein

Thought Nachos


  1. Zuma Said,

    April 28, 2012 @ 12:53 am

    ak… ‘the default world’…
    ‘the default world’ aka conventional reality i.e.; the convention itself can be disspelled
    i.e.; bringing back our insights & living them is a pro-active doing of just that.
    which comes right up against the convention in conventional society -virtually a socially subversive act.
    protestantism & the sovereignty of the individual… usurped again & again by TPTB.
    -i’ve always called it conventional reality, rather than ‘normal’ or ‘default’ reality as a reminder…

    Thought Nachos is nicely chockful of art i dig. real nice.
    reminds me of The Whole Earth catalog somewhat, and Ken Kesey.

    facebook? i was surprised to see that url. always reminds me of these pages:
    between social media and ‘apps’, there’s more reason than ever to stick to one’s server, IMHO, and write your own pages…

  2. Niles Said,

    April 28, 2012 @ 5:42 pm

    Now that was a great way to start, the final secret in
    the first act. Now how many truly egoless people do we
    have so far?
    It will be soon.

  3. space elf Said,

    May 4, 2012 @ 8:24 am

    excellent show, Bill has a great perspective on life…that zine though… a little on the creepy side LOL

  4. Jafar (aka Jeff) Said,

    May 5, 2012 @ 3:42 pm

    Hello Lorenzo!

    In our off-line email talk, Bruce offered me an opportunity to post a question for the new Global Trialogue. Shortly after I sat down to write my thoughts down, I realized my list of questions is rather big for a one radio talk show answer, and yet, I felt I must ask them anyway, and perhaps this is something that could lay foundation for a separate podcast about Terence and his life as a person, not only as a public speaker? :)

    While listening to numerous podcasts, workshops, lectures and even recorded spontaneous rants, you always hear the public side of Terence. He always did his homework and came prepared as a true psychedelic aficionado – with a stack of quotes or examples for any question, occasion or discussion. You always hear his polished, well articulated punch delivered right on target. He was, after all, a wonderful story teller.

    But what about Terence as a person, outside of the circle of formal talks and public appearances? Those few lucky ones who knew him personally got a rare chance to reflect on, and perhaps tell the rest of us, what it was like to be with Terence as a casual friend? To share simple moments, eat, walk, chat aimlessly, silently observe, and get stoned, and so on? What it was like to know not someone who was rightfully called a Copernicus of Consciousness, a Shamanic Prophet, but as your dear friend Terence? I realize he had his dark moments, he had his weaknesses, but without knowing these aspects of his personality, one can’t grasp the true image of him; without his imperfections, you can’t reflect completely on his inner world.

    Everyone has a right to be mistaken. We all are in this together – process of figuring it all out leads all of us to sometimes choosing wrong paths and falsely guides us with dead-end assumptions. Just like any of us, Terence was not afraid to contradict to his own statements, and do it boldly and openly, on record, in public. He almost always replied to most infuriating opposition with intelligent calm, humor and valid, reasonable argument. Unlike other spokesmen for mind expansion and revolutionary ideas of the hyperspace, Terence had intellectual pizzazz, charisma and hilarity to appeal to most skeptical and pessimistic crowd. A lot of self-established thinkers frown at his ideas due to the fact that he sometimes twisted the actual facts to align them with his line of thoughts – because a statement in one speech or a comment can be an opposite of his previous position on the same subject. Those of us who spend substantial time analyzing his work do know that his public performances are full of logical conflicts. Dennis even commented on this on several occasions and expressed his concern that this sends a confusing and discrediting message to the general audiences. But what many don’t realize is that it is OK to be mistaken, just like the rest of us. It is ok to doubt like St. Thomas, it is ok to speculate and be wrong about things you say – this is the process of finding the truth, and becoming a poet, a thinker, a mind-gazer, an edge-walker… AND because he had the courage to bring his ideas into the focus of public attention and scrutiny only earns him respect and shows that none of us truly knows what is going on, but nevertheless, we can at least give it good try (to understand), just like McMurphy did with the marble water fountain in Kesey’s masterpiece – even if you know ahead you will not succeed.

    I realize Dennis is presently working on Terence’s biography and writing a book about their journey through this and other realms. On several occasions, I was tempted to write to him few provocative questions about Terence’s life, but due to certain emotional and personal sensitivity of such topics (aside from the fact that these questions could come across as simply inappropriate), didn’t feel right asking them; I think I can bring these questions up here in this discussion – given how many lives Terence impacted in such an amazing way, some of us long to know him from the angles and perspectives of his personal life, that way a complete picture of the man, not just a prophet and neo-shaman, can be brought to light and understood.

    So what was he like outside of the biz? What was his long exile like, being witch-hunted by federal thugs and Interpol headhunters, but which allowed him to ferment and mature into a wonderful, bright and multifaceted individual we all know? What about his personal life with Kat and other women in his life, his moments of love and loss, his run-ins with the law, and how he mended the relationships with both? Some picturesque reflections he created in all of his writings do allow a glimpse into that world of his, but sadly, not enough. And what about his personal demons? Whether the Time Wave was his creative but intentional discourse fueled by desire to keep the listener on the edge of the seat, or to simply add the weight and a flavor of unearthly intent to overall subject of the end of history and approaching Eschaton, his sobering and perhaps bitter realization of accuracy of Watkins’ calculations (or you think he, being a mischievous elf, knew it all from the start?!) – What was it like for him to see that baby being tossed with the bath wash water? Having asked that, I do want to add, that his response to Matt was really what demonstrated his amazing, kind mischief and philosophical wisdom when it comes to mesmerizing the public – “that even if it had no basis in truth, it was worth propagating”. So how hard was it for Terence to part from his creation and how did it affect his further understanding, reasoning and searching?

    Reading Terence’s works inevitably invites a conclusion that a lot of important personal dates and events shaped and formed his quest in this life to figure out the one great truth (or at least few major ones ) – the dates of personal significance and meaning (births, deaths, anniversaries) as well as future projections help him to establish the individual myth, a myth that didn’t fruit into the climactic validation or denouncement because of his own demise that destroyed the numerological magic he so hopped to see align with the curve of the time wave and at last, come true. Not being able to see the culmination of his own life-long ideas, hopes and theories and not being able to put existential closure on all unanswered questions is the main drama of his untimely passing as an individual, and I found myself projecting my mind over and over again, backwards across space and time, trying to imagine his feelings and thoughts in this regards… Did he ever reflect on that during his dark moments, and if yes, then what was it?

    Besides his stoic position ala Hipparchus, as he described it in his last interview with Davis – “When I think about dying, the thing that surprises me is how much of the future I regard as history, and how I don’t want to miss it. I want to know how it all comes out.” – is there a more insight into his last thoughts and dreams? Way too many people are still waiting for that last chapter to be written and told…

    Terence once said – life is a moment suspended between the eternities, when you actually have a unique opportunity to try and figure things out. Following his lead and walking the path of the shamanic quest, as Don Juan said – walking the path of the heart, wandering around holding breath and watching, one longs to understand Terence from all angles of his personality, as if such understanding can secure a bigger insight into what he tried to tell us, between the lines and at the moments of thoughtful silence he sometimes afforded during his talks… As if catching a glimpse of light of his soul could secure a safe passage into the realm of tykes, where everyone is loving and wise, and the chronosynclastic infundibulum is fully operational. 😉

    Meeting Terence, as a teacher, a poet, a dreamer, a provocateur, as a philosopher and guide, someone we all owe the eternal debt of being awaken to life (if not his and Denis’ kitchen mycology works, the magic still would be locked away in the jungles of Amazon), also inevitably poses a question about him as individual, and this is something you can shed the light on by bringing his friends and partners in love and crime into a wonderful discussion of his life and work he did, that paved the way of personal and spiritual exfoliation for so many amazing, bright, talented and complex human beings, an awakened souls that bring a sense of creative and existential wonder into this world.

    Thank you again and again, for keeping his memory alive, and us – searching.

    Truly yours,
    Jafar (aka Jeff) Kuliyev
    Memphis, TN

  5. Zuma Said,

    May 8, 2012 @ 3:07 pm

    Thank you, Jafar. That was a wonderful comment to read.

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